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Increase Comfort And Sustainability With The Help Of Our Visalia Plumbers

As a homeowner in Visalia, you’ll find that proper plumbing significantly improves your daily comfort and long-term sustainability. By enhancing water efficiency, you can reduce utility costs and contribute to California’s water conservation efforts, directly impacting our environment. 

Upgrades like extending the height of your shower head and installing multiple shower heads can transform your bathroom into a personal spa, making routine activities a luxurious experience. Also, additions like a bidet toilet can significantly enhance convenience and hygiene. 

These improvements bring the modern comfort and efficiency you desire into your Visalia home, making everyday routines more enjoyable.

Popular Plumbing Upgrades In Visalia

A New Refrigerator Icemaker Valve Box

Ensure a consistent and efficient supply of ice and prevent potential leaks or malfunctions.

Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal system will enhance your kitchen's functionality, save you time with clean-up, and minimize household waste.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Investing in an Instant Hot Water Dispenser will save you significant time in your daily routine and reduce energy costs due to its incredible efficiency.

Faucet Installation

Upgrading to a new faucet can enhance your kitchen's aesthetic appeal, increase your property value, and even help conserve water if you choose an eco-friendly model.

Sink Filtration System

Ensure the purity and taste of your water, safeguard your family's health, and reduce reliance on costly and environmentally damaging bottled water.

Water Heaters

Investing in a new water heater promises immediate benefits like improved energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and the luxury of consistent hot water.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Home Plumbing Services by Visalia's Expert Plumbers

Embracing expert plumbing services in Visalia not only brings about numerous benefits but also has the potential to significantly enhance your daily life. One prime advantage of these services is the assurance of having healthy water for both you and your family. This crucial factor plays a pivotal role in influencing your overall well-being.

Furthermore, modern plumbing upgrades, expertly executed by professional plumbers, introduce elegant and sleek designs that add a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

Beyond the refined aesthetic appeal they provide, these services also amplify the functionality of your home. By choosing to invest in expert plumbing services in Visalia, you’re effectively choosing a path towards a healthier, more elegant, and ultimately more comfortable lifestyle.

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Ruben’s Home Services has been serving California since 1985. Our experience allows us to back up our work with a 3-year workmanship warranty.

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We are California-licensed general contractors, electricians, and plumbers. Our team prioritizes effective communication, ensuring we understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

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We deeply value our clients and take immense pride in our exceptional customer service. Aiming to deliver the highest level of satisfaction throughout your experience with us.

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Brando On Two WheelsBrando On Two Wheels
04:02 12 Jun 23
Ruben's completed a walk-in shower remodel for us and their work was excellent and very professionally done. We asked them to remove the two side walls and header in hopes of trying to open up our shower and make it brighter, along with rebuilding the subfloor and installing a new shower valve and head. Little did we know, upon removing the tile, there was major water damage accumulated from many years of water leakage. Gene and his staff completely rebuilt the wall framing and the floor and insulated the walls. We had a separate tile contractor put in the tile. The end product exceeded all our expectations. We appreciate that he & his staff were able to do it all, no matter the extent of the damage!
Michael WilliamsMichael Williams
18:56 04 May 23
Ruben's Home Service (RHS) was recommended to us for the refurbishment of our master bathroom and vanity. RHS provided the demolition of an existing tile shower, removal of gypsum board walls and ceiling, adding blocking and additional framing for the new ceramic tile shower, installation of new gyp board walls and ceiling, installation of an exhaust fan/light fixture, adding new ceiling insulation, installation of new shower fixtures, toilet, a new vanity cabinet and sink fixtures. Gene Mendoza, owner, and his staff were very well experienced in the work they did, very respectful of our home and property, kept the work area clean well ordered, and are extremely nice people. Their work was above excellent quality. RHS quote for the scope of work was very reasonable and they stayed right on budget. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the quality of their work. I would highly recommend Ruben's Home Service. Truly a 5 star experience.
Drew SorensenDrew Sorensen
20:01 11 Apr 23
I called Gene and he sent Brandon to help us with multiple ceiling fans. They all work great! Brandon also worked on a leaking toilet and now it is working great as well.
Techno blade XDTechno blade XD
15:20 04 Apr 23
I had Ruben’s Home Services install 4 recess lights in my kitchen because that area was very dark. Now that area is well lighted. They ask where I wanted the lights at, and explained everything they were gonna do before the project started. Very happy with them, professionally and friendly.
Alan HelmAlan Helm
18:06 26 Mar 21
Ruben's Home Service did an incredible job with our remodeling project! We had a terrible pantry design with two bedroom-style doors opening into a closet space. We weren't entirely sure what to do with it, so we had Gene come out and assess the space.Gene had a great idea: by eliminating the wall in the middle, we could open up the pantry making it more accessible, and then we could install some barn doors in front of it to close it off! It would give us the chance to open it up vertically too and access unused space in the pantry.Initially, we were looking at barn doors with Gene that he could install, but ultimately he did not want to compromise the vision and recommended a local craftsman who makes his own doors and hardware. Gene's humbleness and honesty were refreshing. He wants to do work to the Ruben's Home Service quality standard, and when something is a little outside their wheelhouse, he'll provide great recommendations to get you the right contractor for the job.Gene and his crew then took time out of their schedule to meet at the house with the door craftsman and myself so we could map out the entire project. They brainstormed together and came up with proper sizing for the new opening, dimensions for the doors, and everything else required to make the joint project successful!Then we had Ruben's Home Service take out the central wall and open up the pantry vertically so we can add shelving at the top of the space. They installed a new beam across the opening to provide structural support for the wall and the barn doors. And they then finished the drywall, adding texturing to match the existing walls and jamb/trim pieces to frame the opening. The finished product is outstanding. Now we just need some paint and the barn doors!I cannot say enough about Ruben's Home Service. From Gene's expert general contractor attention to detail, to Javier's craftsmanship, to Gina's prompt answering of texts/emails and scheduling ability, the experience was incredibly stress-free. If you have any home remodeling projects to accomplish, you'd do well to hire RHS!

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